HappySale featured in international press as Tel Aviv under attack

Hey Everyone,

Long time since we updated our blog, and some great users posted on our support website that they want more posts on the blog. So this one’s for you.

It’s been a crazy work for us at HappySale. 3 days ago, in the afternoon, someone posted a piece of shrapnel from the Saturday attack on Tel Aviv. It took about 2 hours until Israeli website rotter.net posted the listing on their forums, andMashable from that point on international media started to take notice.

First were Mashable, with Uri Blau’s story on the listing and how these things happen in the middle of the attacks on Tel Aviv, and then other sites followed (Buzzfeed, Vocativ and others). The article on Mashable exploded, with over 500 shares in the first 30 minutes and 1000 shares altogether. All in all, this little listing got over 6000 views in 48 hours. Pretty crazy for an item on our marketplace. We actually had to check if selling this stuff is even legal (which apparently it is).

It’s not the first time we see unusual items on HappySale. About 3 months ago, a listing1617671_10152211421951054_1667249571_o came up from NJ. It was a large amount of weed, and according to the seller, it was “Magical OG Blue Dream” type. We took it off immediately, but a lot of jokes were told that day at the office: “This puts a whole new twist on HappySale”, “If a stoner can post something at 4am in the morning, this means our listing creation flow really works!” etc.

Stay safe, stay happy.


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