Apple loves HappySale – New version is out

What an exciting weekend this has been for us at HappySale. Last Thursday we released the latest version of HappySale, which included one major update: Private messaging.

Over the past weeks, since HappySale’s world-wide release, we received a whole lot of feedback from our wonderful users (That’s you, thanks for asking). One major requests was the ability to communicate privately with users inside the HappySale application.

In App Communication In App communication

You asked, and we delivered! Our supreme team of ninja developers (all 3 of them) developed over the past weeks the ability to send private messages inside HappySale. This addresses 2 major issues: The first is that HappySale is now the main communication hub for all buying and selling activity. The second is that sellers private email and phone are no longer available publicly. Yes, you will no longer get middle-of-the-night drunk dials from people who want to buy your cell phone. Isn’t that awesome?

To top it all, Apple decided we are worthy enough to be included in their “Best new apps” list on the app store, in 87 countries. We got the news on Friday, and the immediate surge in downloads made our weekend super-awesome.

HappySale Featured

Thanks for all the love and support, and keep on HappySellin’

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