Driving purchases on HappySale

Need a new car?

We’re thrilled to see automobiles on HappySale. It’s a huge milestone that they are up within two weeks of our app launching. From slightly used to lovingly restored, these autos will be perfect for their new owners.

Here’s a classic Porsche, for sale in Israel:

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.07.11 AM

Michael is from Ramat Gan and has a business for selling laptop batteries. About 4 years ago, as a birthday present for himself, he decided to travel to Germany and buy this car. He says he owned one just like it back when he was 21-22 and had wonderful memories from it.

So he flew from Israel to Germany, and there he bought the car. Drove it all the way to Antwerp, loaded it onto a ship and had it shipped to Israel.

He has been re-building it from the ground up for over 4 years now. Engine is completely overhauled, The car is in amazing conditions. Now he sees this project as complete. He feels its the right time to pass on the car to someone who will enjoy it more. He thinks its time for a new project.

Both overseas and in the US, cars are getting posted to the HappySale community. Here’a a BMW available in the Bay Area:


Details like pricing are available right in the app. And you can simply click the Contact button to ask questions or purchase the car.


It’s great to hear the stories behind the cars on HappySale. Download HappySale and you could find your next car!

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