How to: Host a Clothing Swap

Last weekend, Laura and I hosted a successful clothing swap party. A group of friends all got together with their once-loved clothes, shoes and accessories.


We traded old for new and, of course, introduced them to HappySale to post anything without a home at the end. Every participant thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and it’s an easy-to-repeat event that has big returns.

If you want to host a clothing swap of your own, here are some pointers:


Label clothing
We asked each attendee to clearly label clothes – we provided pins and clips for them to attach their names to the clothing. This way, each person would not only adopt an exciting addition to their wardrobe, they would also have a story to accompany it.

Provide options for display
Whether it’s a garment rack or a shelf, offer some designated space for items to be properly presented and looked through. We purchased a low-end garment rack to hang items and used dining chairs as individually labeled display areas.

Offer a space to try on
We had a spare room and a bathroom for ladies to try on clothing. We also got a low cost full length mirror in the main room, so they could see how they looked with natural lighting – and a crowd of supporters.

Have a theme
Clothing, accessories, games or kitchenware – it’s best to specify what people should bring to and expect to get from the swap. You can then provide themed snacks, beverages and goodies to reflect the party and make it more memorable.

All in all we had a great afternoon with many items getting happy new homes and posting the remaining items to HappySale. Have you hosted a swap of any sort before? Any tips to add to our list?

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