Amazing photos make Happy Buyers

When viewing a HappySale, photos are the first thing people look at. Therefore, it’s important that the photos you take of your item provide the best looking and most accurate condition of the item you’re selling.

First Photo: Overall Impression

The first photo you take should be a wide shot of the entire item. If an electronic device, take a full shot of the item, preferably while it’s on. If a pair of shoes or dress, take a shot of both shoes or the full front of the dress. Make sure the room is well lit. If you have a porch or yard it’s always better to take photos in full daylight.

In the following example, you see three photos of the same item: an Xbox 360 with two controllers and four games. The first photo was taken with a flash, resulting in bad lighting and overall poor view. The second photo was taken without using the flash, which immediately makes the lighting look more natural. However, the items were not placed nicely and the angle does not provide a good view of the items. The final photo looks best: natural lighting, good layout!


Additional Photos

Once you have a great main image, add some extra photos – different angles, or, if you have multiple items you’re selling, take a separate photo of each item. For our Xbox 360 HappySale, here are some sample additional photos.

AdPhoto4  AdPhoto3  AdPhoto1  AdPhoto2

Honesty comes first

The biggest concern that people have when buying online is that the item will not turn out to be as good as it seems on the marketplace. It’s important to take specific photos of places where an item is damaged to avoid a bad experience for the buyer. This includes scratches, a broken case, parts where the item is worn or damaged in a way that could affect the experience of the buyer.

Our Xbox 360 has a broken front panel. A close up photo showing this will ensure the buyer is fully informed about it, and will add to the confidence of both the seller and buyer, that this is an honest deal.

It's fully functional, but this little spring panel is broken.

Effort Pays Off

A little effort goes a long way in selling items. If you take great photos of your items, you will surely get more attention from buyers. Remember, people can still hesitate when buying online. Great photos go a long way in contributing to a safe and transparent transaction.

Happy Selling!

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