HappySale tip: Share to Facebook Groups

When posting your HappySale, you have two options for sharing to Facebook. You can of course share to your own network and we recommend doing this for anything you post. But an even better idea is to share your HappySale to Groups you belong to on Facebook!

Look for neighborhood groups, reselling or swap organizations, flea and vintage groups or garage sale fans to join and share to. You can also find groups specific to your sale – gaming groups for games or sports groups for athletic equipment.

The above post was shared to a ladies group I belong to. It’s well targeted, and gets the HappySale notice out to a network beyond Natalie’s immediate Facebook friends.

Other benefits? It’s likely to be seen by more people, because a group feed is a destination. And, group feeds generally don’t get updated as often as a home feed so it has more time to spread and be shared.

I’d just add a comment encouraging group members to share this to their friends as well – especially any chocoholics!

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