Photo Tips: Make the most of your HappySale

It makes sense that a good photo appeals to us, and will likely allow your beloved items to sell quickly and find their way to the best homes. To help you along in this, we compiled some tips to capture better images.

Allow the camera to properly focus: Be patient as your camera auto-focuses on your item. And remain still through the image capture so your photo can be as clear and crisp as possible.

Get good lighting: Photograph during the day when there’s good natural lighting. We like to position items close to a curtained/shaded window to cast diffused lighting – harsh direct light often makes things look too contrasted and blown-out.

Remove distractions: Take your item and place it on an empty table if it’ll fit, or if it’s larger, position it against a plain wall or background. Remove clutter from around the item to showcase it in all its glory.

Try multiple angles: Make sure to capture your item from various angles. It guarantees potential buyers can see what you are offering from each perspective.

Give these tips a try and let us know what you think!

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